The Keeper Oil

Ebb & Flow

$ 26.00

the keeper: a dreamy, protective, introspective blend of essential oils ~~ 

essential oils of palo santo + white sage + cedar + frankincense + orange + geranium ~~in apricot kernel oil 

infused with a quartz crystal mined in Arkansas in every bottle ~ to amplify & empower the healing qualities of the plants 

formulated to increase instinct, wisdom, and awareness. allowing one to promote, acquire & amplify good energies; while dispelling the bad. a way of self cleansing, lining yourself with your absolute best aura ~~  & with that the bad is scared away, and the good intuitively attracted ~~ 
apply to wrists, temples, nape of neck, & pressure points 

in rollerball applicator, perfect to bring with you everywhere & great for travel! 

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