$ 33.00

Narayan has put her alchemical magic to work to create this chock full beauty blend super rich in minerals, antioxidants + vitamins A, C, + E - which are the building blocks of collagen. Love is Light contains a 20% essential oil blend, 13 nutrient dense seed oils, and the unique ingredients of Ormus + shilajit working synergistically to deliver all the nutrients to the core of the cell to build collagen + elastin while also bringing vitality and energy to the cell. Ormus is the element of gold that is bioavailable to the body and all layers of the skin. It is a deeply regenerative substance that has a multitude of benefits from anti-aging, to acting as delivery system, pain relief, + an overall sense of well-being. Shilajit is a resin from the caves of the Himalayas, rich in fulvic acid, which carries everything through all five layers of the skin + to the core of the cell. Shilajit is known for both its abilities to heal and rejuvenate on a deep cellular level and also bring pranic life force to your entire body, mind, + soul. Love is Light absorbs immediately and brings with it a clear, bright, and energizing feeling + an over all glow to your entire being.


Beauty Ritual: while chanting " I am love ~I am light" pat in just a few drops of this potent +pure beauty blend on clean damp face morning + night.




The Narayan No 6 essential oil blend brings in the light of love into every cell of your being, to raise your vibration to the energy + frequency of love.

Skin Types: Due to its high potency, use 3 drops for sensitive skin + a half pump for all other skin types.


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