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RoseGold~Face Oil is a very healing, regenerative, + therapeutic beauty blend that penetrates deeply into the skin. Rose is the only essential oil that hits all systems of the body, inducing a soothing effect on the physiology of the body, slowing the heart rate, boosting mood, calming the nerves, + even alleviating physical pain.The White Cognac essential oil brings in the effects of wine & roses for a sensuous aroma that will soothe and harmonize your being and your skin. Energetically, RoseGold is very Yin, in that it is more feminine in its essence with its calming, nourishing and soothing properties. Working synergistically with the rose is Ormus, the element of gold that is bioavailable to the body and all layers of the skin. It is a deeply regenerative substance that energizes the cells. It has a multitude of benefits from anti-aging, acting as delivery system, pain relief, + an overall sense of well-being. RoseGold is nutrient + mineral rich and contains many anti-aging components. Containing high amounts of Omega 6, it provides an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin soothing the redness associated with rosacea, enhancing complexion, keeping skin cells moist, supple + strong, while also strengthening weakened capillaries.

Beauty Ritual: after cleansing + toning, inhale the sensuous aroma while in circular motion massage 1 pump to face decollete and the backs of your hands, affirming to yourself  "I am beauty, I am love, as never before that I am now"




The RoseGold essential oil blend will soothe your being + open the heart to bring about the love in both the masculine + feminine parts of self, creating a balance + healing so that the truth of the soul can shine through and infuse all aspects of life.


Skin Types: Sensitive, thinning, anti-aging, rosacea/psoriasis, yet potent enough for all skin types looking for deep healing hydration and nourishment 



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