The Artists


Cristen, founder of Sunstream Goods and Eros Jewelry, calls Ojai home and has been exploring artistic expression through jewelry design for over 15 years. As a young child she learned the value of creativity, filling spare time dreaming up elaborate art projects.  She takes a special interest in her family’s Native American heritage, and began learning to weave bracelets on a loom as her first venture into jewelry design.  She apprenticed with several artists through college and took metals courses at The University of Texas in Austin to develop her skills. Her focus has shifted in and out of several artistic avenues, including cooking, Naturopathic Medicine and Yoga, yet jewelry design has proven to be the true match to her adventurous spirit.  Cristen travels near and far finding inspiration in the uniqueness of each culture’s art, traditions, and spiritual practices. She appreciates learning and often challenges herself with learning new techniques and incorporating various styles into her lines.





"There is something gratifying about using a material from the earth to create something solid. Working with clay centers and inspires me and makes me feel close to the earth. I see clay as part of life so I combine form and function to make pieces that are eager to be used and appreciated."

"Although working with clay is incredibly rewarding, it can be humbling at the same time. Opening up the kiln to discover the entire load was feeling a bit rebellious during the firing cycle and is deemed a "learning experience" keeps the process challenging and interesting no matter how many times it happens."

"I have been fortunate enough to be able to spread my love for clay to hundreds of students for the past 8 years. Through the act of teaching, I have learned so much and believe one is never really finished being a student of their passion." 

-Erin West

Find More of Erin's designs at Erin West Ceramics



I believe that everything in your home should bring you happiness. Tending to collect small treasures when beachcombing, traveling, or hiking, I love having beautiful found objects to hold as keepsakes. That is why I have created a collection intended to be enjoyed every day.

The ability to make another person happy fuels my creative drive. The stories and photos I receive from customers about how a tumbler or planter brings them joy is why I continue creating wares.



"I have always been fascinated by birds, insects, the creepy crawly things I came across as a kid. I grew up on a farm in South Louisiana and it's still my happy place. As my personal collection of vintage science prints has grown, I have discovered how much I love connecting with others through a shared love of vintage art. As a graphic designer by trade, I have developed a passion for retouching and restoring vintage images and experimenting with the printing process. This curated collection is ever evolving and I continue to try out new processes and materials." - K.P.

Curious Prints is operated in their East Austin, Texas studio and ships worldwide.


Our mission is to bring the healing and cleansing properties of the stones, crystals, and essential oils of the world into your everyday life. Through the use of soap WILD MEDICINE can create a useful combination of these powerful healing ingredients. These 2” x  2” x 2” soaps encapsulate cleansing crystals/stones along with a combination of beneficial essential oils and exfoliates. The crystals/stones are cleansed and ready to share their healing properties and absorb your individual energy. As you wash with your soap you will share a moment with these healing ingredients and stones. The power of meditation, manifestation, affirmation, projection, focus etc. will all have the opportunity to resonate while you cleanse with these soaps.


"Olive + M was born out of a desire to create an unadulterated, nutrient rich and all natural olive oil based skincare protocol for myself. Having used oil formulas on my face and body for more than a decade, I thought ‘why can’t I make my own proprietary blends?’ So in 2010 I began my journey in my very own kitchen. I mixed oil blends and they were beautiful and they made my skin radiant and glowing. My friends and family all commented on my “youthful” skin. They asked me to make some for them. So I did. Friends shared with friends. Family members shipped to mothers and fathers and siblings. The phone was ringing, the inbox was chiming, and so I went back to the kitchen and made more.